Productivity, Stability, Efficiency

SST Production Planning

The Cast 'n Roll System (CNRS)

Increase throughput. Improve prime quality yield. React instantaenously to deviations. Evaluate robustness of rolling schedules. Apply adaptive scheduling strategies. Simulate production rule and equipment changes.

EAF Steelmaking + Thin-Slab Casting And Rolling

Reduce transition losses caused by grade, width, and thickness changes.

BOF Steelmaking + Slab Caster + Hot Strip Mill

Maximize energy efficiency by tight synchronization of casting and rolling schedules.

BOF Steelmaking + Multiple Casters And Rolling Mills

Reliable automated scheduling in the context of high complexity and high throughput.

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Other Solutions

Precise Process Control
SST Level 2 OS
The Operating System For Steelmaking And Casting
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Stability, Energy, CO₂ Efficiency
SST Temperature OS
AI-Based Temperature Control
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Steel Cleanliness, Alloy Yield
SST Steel OS
AI-Based Liquid Steel Control
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