Product Quality, Interruptions

SST Rolling AI - LONG

AI-Based Rolling Control

SST Rolling AI leads to a permanently increased prime quality yield of the rolled product without installation of new equipment. Trim losses are minimized. Geometry and profile tolerances and surface defects caused by the rolling process are reduced. Consequently, yield loss and downgrading are reduced as well. Undesired interruptions of the rolling process can be predicted, such that their impact is reduced.

Direct integration with SST Surface AI enables a complete solution for rolling-related surface defects that appear on hot-rolled products and on finished products downstream. All defects are classified correctly and automatically mapped onto the exact product position they originate from. Quality engineers get full transparency across all processing steps.

Smart Steel Technologies' metallurgists and rolling experts comprise significant experience operating and improving rolling mills by using root cause analysis. This world-class expertise is reflected directly in the quality and scope of the SST Rolling AI's functionality.

Permanently Increased Prime Quality Yield

SST Rolling AI for ArcelorMittal Hamburg

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