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SST Casting AI - LONG

AI-Based Casting Control

SST Casting AI enables steelmakers to avoid casting defects from the outset. Defect rates, downgrading rates, reallocation rates are reduced by 50% and more.

Typical casting defects (slivers, cracks, etc.) are reduced permanently without installation of new equipment. Downgrading of blooms, billets, rolled and finished products are reduced substantially. Yield and productivity are improved for all grades. In roll-outs across multiple casters and production sites all relevant quality and process metrics are standardized.

SST Casting AI computes automatically optimal caster settings for each casting sequence, for each heat, for each bloom / billet, taking into account all relevant data. Included live decision support modules are integrated online into the production process and ensure that operators meet optimal process conditions exactly - under all circumstances.

Direct integration of surface, contour and inner quality inspection data enables a complete solution for casting-related defects that appear on cast, rolled and finished products. All defects are classified correctly and automatically mapped onto the exact strand position they originate from. Quality engineers get full transparency across all processing steps.

Smart Steel Technologies' metallurgists have twenty years of experience optimizing continuous casting machines around the world. This world-class expertise is reflected directly in the quality and scope of SST Casting Optimization AI's capabilities.

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Permanently Reduced Downgrading And Reallocation

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ArcelorMittal Bremen to Optimize Downgrading Rate with AI Solution for Grades with Demanding Applications

"We have observed very closely the outstanding performance of Smart Steel Technologies at ArcelorMittal Eisenhüttenstadt. The same quality optimization project is underway there. The results are convincing. So it is only logical to take this step in Bremen as well"

Reiner Blaschek
CEO ArcelorMittal Bremen and ArcelorMittal Eisenhüttenstadt

AI-based Solutions as a Step Into the Future

"The possibilities offered by AI solutions help to conserve energy and resources. We are striving to use them to produce even more precisely and thus also to increase the yield."

Dr. Ralf-Peter Bösler
COO Primary ArcelorMittal Eisenhüttenstadt