Systematic Application of AI to Quality Optimization

December, 2021

Since cost and quality optimization of individual processing steps in the manufacturing cycle of long and flat steel products has been an ongoing effort for decades, non- disruptive approaches for further optimizations are about to reach their technical limits. While applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) pushed the boundaries of those optimizations, their usually punctual application to individual steps of the steelmaking process significantly hampers their potential. Even with these relatively new technologies, new ideas are required to reach new grounds in quality and cost improvements.

The article described the requirements and potential solutions for a holistic vertically integrated optimization of the steelmaking process for flat and long products. The feasibility of the proposed solutions is demonstrated 24/7 as those applications are actively used in steel production at multiple plants, each with their individual product mix, equipment setup, peculiarities and data structures.

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Systematic Application of AI to Quality Optimization From Steelmaking to Galvanizing

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