Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

AI-Based Production

Merging AI + ML With Process Expertise

Conventional process optimization is based on averaged measured values per unit, linear modeling, and rigid rule sets. The potential of this approach has been exhausted. More complex aspects of steel manufacturing cannot be modeled appropriately using this approach.

To further improve productivity and quality, to minimize energy and CO2 inefficiencies modern, non-linear modeling techniques need to be applied to high-resolution process data.

Huge amounts of time series data, two-dimensional patterns, image and audio data, as well as structured data buried in legacy Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 systems needs to be linked across all production steps.

Working on aggregated data leads to wrong results when attacking core problems in steel manufacturing. Think of mold level deviations in continuous casting, temperature profiles in hot rolling, unplanned variations in speed during strip processing.

Smart Steel Technologies' Platform solves data centralization, linkage and quality through a professional automated data platform purpose-built for the steel industry. This includes advanced, scalable mass storage technology.

On top of the SST Platform, a growing range of AI-powered applications provides solutions to core steelmaking challenges like temperature control, casting quality, rolling productivity, and surface inspection. AI and ML-based models at the core of these applications always blend state-of-the-art Machine Learning with state-of-the-art process expertise. Physics and process knowhow are built into probabilistic mathematical algorithms to get the benefits of both worlds: robustness and modeling power.

Ultimately, SST's technology is not only capable of classifying and predicting process outcomes. It is also capable of computing -- dynamically -- optimal settings for all relevant machines, procedures to achieve highest efficiency. In each of these cases, multiple, consecutive manufacturing processes are modeled and optimized. Different SST applications are orchestrated to reach global optima in steel production.

SST's technology has proven its robustness in 24/7 operation at leading steel manufacturers.

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