Marienhütte: Optimize Steel Production Using SST AI Solution

October 20, 2020

  • Smart Steel Technologies uses "SST Temperature AI" to optimize temperature control at Marienhütte
  • Marienhütte permanently reduces energy costs and increases process stability from EAF steelmaking to continuous casting

Steelmaker Marienhütte commissions the AI company Smart Steel Technologies to introduce the software "SST Temperature Optimization AI" at its highly specialized steel plant in Graz. The software solution will be integrated live into the production process and is used for precise temperature control from EAF to continuous caster. Process stability will be maximized across all process stages. Thus, Marienhütte will minimize temperature buffers and will lower the temperature in production, leading to permanent energy cost savings and savings through increased process stability. Integration of the software will take three months. The project goal is achieved after a test and optimization phase of another three months. Hence, Marienhütte will benefit from a significant cost reduction within a very short time.

"We deliberately invest in optimizing our temperature control through Artificial-Intelligence technology. This way, Marienhütte will further increase process stability and reduce energy costs. We trust in the expertise of Smart Steel Technologies. And we are convinced that SST's organized and focused project execution will quickly lead to substantive results.", states Herbert Fohringer, Managing Director of Stahl- und Walzwerk Marienhütte GmbH.

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