A strong team

Founder & CEO

Advisory Board

Matthias Bittner

Bernhard Janke


Blending AI and metallurgical expertise in one team

Smart Steel Technologies, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, is tackling the last efficiency frontier in steel manufacturing through Artificial Intelligence. A growing team of highly motivated, experienced mathematicians, physicists, software engineers, and metallurgy experts develops efficient solutions to reduce quality costs from basic oxygen furnace operation to hot-dip galvanizing.

We deliver complex IT projects on time. We work closely with our clients to seamlessly integrate our products with their existing infrastructure. Our team is exceptionally well connected and cooperates with renowned experts from various fields in information technology and steel manufacturing.

Our technology is built for performance, scalability and the reduction of operating costs. We integrate all relevant data sources. We connect with conventional enterprise solutions and free valuable business data from information silos.