On-Premises Steel AI Platform

Improved quality, energy, CO₂ emissions

Automated Data Integration And Curation Covering All Processes

Improve Quality, Save On Energy Costs, and Reduce CO₂ Emissions

Smart Steel Technologies provides ready-to-use software products for the optimization of the steel manufacturing process chain. Resulting optimizations lead to permanently improved quality, reduction of energy costs and reduction of CO₂ emissions - without the investment overhead of new physical equipment.

Smart Steel Technologies’ platform automatically merges Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 data as well as quality and surface inspection data from all relevant processing steps. All data is mapped back precisely onto exact product positions. The software handles all transformations of the product from tapping liquid steel to galvanizing cold rolled strip. All uncoiling, downcoiling, head / tail, top / down flips, cropping, cutting, welding is taken into account.

The platform stores data in high performance time series databases and relational databases. Smart Steel Technologies provides live synchronization modules for typical Level 2, and Level 3 systems used in steel manufacturing. Additional adapters allow for continuous data ingestion from Level 1. Every step in steel manufacturing processes has a virtual counterpart in Smart Steel Technologies' data transformation engine. This makes it possible to precisely map data from downstream, e.g., quality control at the CGL, to upstream, e.g., strand positions at the caster.

Smart Steel Technologies’ team of experienced computer scientists and data experts has proven in numerous successful steel industry projects how L1 signals, L2 / L3 databases as well as quality and surface inspection data can be transformed into actionable information quickly and with only limited efforts on the side of the steelmaker.

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SST Temperature Optimization AI

Energy Savings + CO₂ Reduction

Live Temperature Guidance from BOF / EAF to Caster

SST Temperature Optimization AI provides live temperature guidance from BOF and EAF steelmaking through secondary metallurgy down to continuous casting. Live temperature predictions at all relevant points in the process and for all circulating ladles as well as live guidance for operators enable steelmakers to permanently reduce temperature variance and to react precisely to process deviations.

Without installation of new equipment process stability is increased and energy efficiency is permanently improved for all melt shop processes. The system is applicable for both, BOF shops and EAF shops.

SST Temperature Optimization AI can be integrated into melt shops quickly and without risk through a gentle go-live procedure.

PDF Download: Article published in MPT International

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SST Casting Optimization AI

Reduction of Casting Defects

Permanently Improved Casting Quality at Reduced Cost

SST Casting Optimization AI enables steelmakers to avoid casting defects from the outset. Typical casting defects (slivers, cracks, etc.) are reduced permanently without installation of new equipment. Downgrading of slabs, hot rolled coils, cold rolled coils, and galvanized coils are reduced substantially. Yield and productivity are improved for all grades. In roll-outs across multiple casters and production sites all relevant quality and process metrics are standardized.

SST Casting Optimization AI computes automatically optimal caster settings for each casting sequence, for each heat, for each slab, taking into account all relevant data. Included live decision support modules are integrated directly with the production process and ensure that operators meet optimal process conditions exactly under all circumstances.

Direct integration with SST Surface Inspection AI enables a complete solution for casting-related surface defects that appear on slabs, hot rolled coils, pickled coils, cold rolled coils, and galvanized coils. All defects are classified correctly and automatically mapped onto the exact strand position they originate from. Quality engineers get full transparency across all processing steps.

Smart Steel Technologies' metallurgists have twenty years of experience optimizing continuous casting machines around the world. This world-class expertise is reflected directly in the quality and scope of SST Casting Optimization AI's capabilities.

PDF Download: Article published in stahl+eisen

Video session: Future Steel Forum 2020

PDF Download: Article published in Steel Times International

SST Rolling Optimization AI

Eliminate Rolling Interruptions

State of the Art Quality and Process Stability for Rolling Mills

Smart Steel Technologies' SST Rolling Optimization AI leads to a permanently increased quality of the rolled product without installation of new equipment. Geometry tolerances, defects caused by the rolling process and unwanted rolling interruptions are reduced. All systems are continuously monitored for further rolling optimization. The AI's automated analysis systems reduce the time spent investigating root causes, unlocking a quicker path to solutions.

In conjunction with Smart Steel Technologies' SST Surface Inspection AI to be integrated, the SST Rolling Optimization AI provides rolling mills with a one-of-a-kind perspective on both up- and downstream effects of live and historical process insights.

Smart Steel Technologies' metallurgists and rolling experts comprise significant experience operating and improving rolling mills by using root cause analysis. This world-class expertise is reflected directly in the quality and scope of the SST Rolling Optimization AI's functionality.

PDF Download: Article published in Steel Times International

SST Surface Inspection AI

Boost defect classification accuracy

Complete Toolbox to Boost Surface Inspection Performance Across All Production Lines

SST Surface Inspection AI toolbox provides an unmatched performance boost to surface inspection systems based on proprietary supervised and unsupervised deep learning algorithms. The ready-to-install SST Surface Inspection AI unlocks the true potential of existing hardware systems without requiring the installation of any new equipment. The system is running live at multiple steel production sites.

SST Surface Inspection AI includes the most accurate surface defect classifiers for slabs, hot rolled coils, pickled coils, cold rolled coils, and galvanized coils. The underlying deep learning architectures have been designed and optimized by Smart Steel Technologies specifically for each steel manufacturing step. The software package is running live at multiple production sites.

SST Surface Inspection AI centralizes all surface defect data from hot rolling, pickling, cold rolling, and galvanizing lines. It provides a one-of-a-kind cross-process perspective on the manifestation of defects. Upstream defects are easily distinguished from downstream defects, greatly reducing the effort required to find the root cause behind systemically persistent defects.

SST Surface Inspection AI permanently reduces maintenance cost for existing surface inspection systems. For this purpose, the software package includes tools specifically designed to reduce manual efforts.

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